A Practical Guide to Evaluating Decks

A Practical Guide to Evaluating Decks Front Cover

It Does Not Matter if a Deck was Safe or Code-compliant When it Was Built.

The Important Question:

Is The Deck Safe Today?

A Practical Guide to Evaluating Decks (by Bruce A. Barker) helps you answer this important question. Professional inspectors can use the procedure in this book to evaluate decks for clients. Homeowners can use this procedure to determine whether a professional inspector or an engineer should be consulted.

The book provides a structured approach to evaluating an existing deck. The approach begins with an evaluation checklist and a Standard of Practice for evaluating existing decks. Each checklist item is supported by an explanation of the defect, including typical risks if the defect is not corrected. Many checklist items are supported by color pictures of the defect, and by illustrations that show how the component should be installed. The book contains over 150 color pictures and illustrations.

If you own a deck, if you inspect a deck, or if all you do is walk on a deck, then this book will help you learn if your deck is safe today.

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