Swimming Pool Inspection

A Swimming Pool Inspection is About More than the Pool!

Accidents involving swimming pools are a leading cause of injury and death among young children in some states. Pool access barriers, entry and exit components, underwater entrapment components, and electrical safety components are among the many items we inspect during a pool inspection. While we cannot guarantee safety, our pool inspection is an important part of your risk reduction strategy.

We conduct our pool inspection according to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standard of Professional Practice for Residential Swimming Pools and Spa Inspections. We helped write the national standard of practice for swimming pool inspection. We teach the national training course for swimming pool inspectors. We are among the most qualified inspectors in North America to inspect your swimming pool.

In order to conduct a pool inspection, the pool must be open, uncovered, and operating. If the pool is shut down (such as for the winter), or if it is otherwise not operating, we cannot conduct a swimming pool inspection. If you wish to have an inspection of a pool that is not operating, we suggest that a qualified pool contractor open the pool and make it operational. We also need access to the home to inspect the access barriers, and to inspect parts of the pool electrical system.