Builder Warranty Inspection

Builders provide warranty repair service for your Dream Home
Most homes have defects that the builder should repair
How and when you schedule these repairs is your choice


Choice One: Have a Builder Warranty Inspection

  1. Identify warranty repair issues before the builder’s warranty expires.
  2. Schedule repairs at your convenience.
  3. Have the builder pay for the repairs.
  4. Enjoy the cost and safety benefits of the repairs while you own the home.
  5. Gain peace of mind that an experienced professional who works for you has inspected the home.

Choice Two: Do Not Have a Builder Warranty Inspection

  1. Wait until you sell your home.
  2. Worry about what the buyer’s home inspector will find.
  3. Try to negotiate out-of-warranty repairs with the builder under the time pressure of a sale.
  4. Try to schedule repairs at someone else’s convenience under the time pressure of a sale.
  5. Pay for repairs the builder does not perform because the home is not under warranty.

Our builder warranty inspection (also called a one-year warranty inspection) is a home inspection that usually occur about eleven months after you close on the home, and before the builder’s one year warranty period expires. Click here to learn more about our home inspections.