Codes for Homeowners

Codes for Homeowners 4th Edition (by Bruce A. Barker) is a DIY-friendly guide to residential building codes that shows you the information you need about the current standards that actually impact today’s homeowners.

This book is a valuable resource, whether you are doing a project yourself, or whether you hire a contractor. Simply having this book in your hands when you speak with contractors tells them you want quality work, and you know what quality work looks like.

This book goes beyond simply reporting residential building code standards. It interprets the standards for you, and it explains them clearly, with color photos and illustrations.

This 4th edition of Codes for Homeowners addresses the latest plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction standards. It is current with the 2017 National Electrical Codes, 2018 Uniform Plumbing Codes, and 2018 International Residential Codes.

Codes for Homeowners does what no other code book accomplishes: it makes building codes and standards simple to understand and to visualize, so you can be assured that your projects are safer, and are more likely to pass inspection.

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