Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is for your homeowner insurance company. It is a limited inspection of specific parts of the water resistance and impact resistance of the roof and the openings (windows and doors), and of how well the structural components of the home are secured against wind damage. Your insurance company may offer premium discounts if one or more of the inspected components satisfy the company’s criteria. Click here for an explanation of what these inspections are, and of why your insurance company may require one.

A wind mitigation inspection is NOT a home inspection. Click to discover more about our home inspections.

Your homeowner insurance company may require this inspection before writing an insurance policy. The company likely will require this inspection before offering any premium discounts.

Buyers should check with their insurance company before ordering a home inspection to determine if the company requires a wind mitigation and/or a 4 point inspection, and what information the company requires. Conducting these inspections during a home inspection will save you money.

We can provide this inspection as part of a home inspection, or as a separate service. We charge a nominal additional fee when providing this service as part of a home inspection.

Contact us if you have questions about these inspections.