Everybody’s Building Code

Finally, A Building Code Book That Everybody Can Understand!

Construction defects in homes cost millions of dollars every year. These defects place people’s health and lives at risk. Everybody’s Building Code helps you determine if the people who are building or working on your home are complying with the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements. These requirements include important structural, health, safety, and energy efficiency requirements.

Everybody’s Building Code is for homeowners, contractors, real estate agents, home inspectors and everybody else who wants to understand the International Residential Code (IRC) without wading through the dry and often confusing language of the IRC itself. It is also an excellent resource for people who are preparing to become home inspectors.

This book states IRC requirements in direct, command oriented statements. It provides many examples, illustrations, and photographs that demonstrate how to apply the IRC requirements. It also shows examples of how to NOT to apply the IRC requirements. In cases where the IRC requirements may not reflect current best practices, the book discusses some opinions about the subject. It also directs the reader to other sources for more information.

This book contains an extensive key word index and a detailed Table of Contents to help readers find the code provisions they need. Use this book as an index of the IRC, and as an explanation of IRC provisions.

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