ASHI Home Inspection Standard of Practice Commentary

Misunderstandings about home inspection standards of practice are often at the heart of disagreements between home inspectors and their clients. Home inspectors get into trouble by failing to understand and comply with the standard of practice. Clients often do not understand what is included in a home inspection, and equally important, what is not included in a home inspection.

This book is the only one that fully explains the ASHI Home Inspection Standard of Practice (SOP). It explains every clause in detail, including important clauses about inspection scope and limitations. It provides cross references between clauses to help you understand the meaning and intent of the ASHI SOP. It provides examples of ways to write reports that comply with the ASHI SOP.

This book is the home inspector’s guide to lower risk and better client service. It is the client’s guide to understanding what they are buying. The author, Bruce A. Barker, is a former ASHI Standards Committee Chair, and was the ASHI President in 2021. He is well-known as an expert on standards of practice.

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